CAI Medical Transcription offers one of the most affordable at home medical transcription/medical scribe courses available today! The course itself is completed online with immediate electronic correction of your work. And as a bonus, we also include all of the reference/course materials in written format for your convenience unlike other courses. We are also one of the only schools that offers a pay-as-you-go tuition. (PAY AS YOU GO - click for details.)

We include everything you will need to become a qualified, productive medical transcriptionist or medical scribe while at the same time striving to keep up with medical/computer technology advances to meet student/employer needs.

Do I want to become a medical transcriptionist or medical scribe? Well, with this course, it really doesn't matter. The course prepares you for both. What is the difference? A medical transcriptionist usually works from home and transcribes medical documents from an audio format such as an .mp3 that physicians dictate containing patient history, medications, etc., however, can also work at a health facility outside the home if you so choose. While a medical scribe has three different options; working as a telescribe whereby you also download dictated audio files, transcribe them, and then upload them into the EMR/EHR system that particular facility uses, working as a virtual scribe from home whereby a program similar to face time allows the scribe and physician to see and hear each other and the medical record is typed in real time as the exam is happening or working outside the home in a physician or hospital environment shadowing the physician and electronically documenting via a computer in real time right in the exam room as the process is taking place. So, there are many choices, but both do require extensive medical documentation training, which this course does provide.

**Note: If you would prefer CD/book version rather than online, we do offer that, so please contact us to discuss that option. You would receive all of the course in physical written format along with all audio on CD format; the same course, but in different format.

Since our course is a distance learning program, it is available nationwide, so you don't have to live in NJ in order to enroll. Our name and certificate are also recognized around the country for providing well trained transcriptionists that are work ready and placed in at home positions. We are also able to offer our course at an affordable price because our ultimate goal is not profit driven, but education driven. We continue to offer assistance to all our students and graduates on a very personal level. You don't have to contend with phone menus, a different email address for each department, or talk to a different person every time you have a question or concern. We even have a large network of graduates that drop us lines from time to time not only to fill us in on their progress, but to keep us informed of any new opportunities for our upcoming graduates. Unfortunately, in today's fast paced technological world, this type of service is almost unheard of and very much appreciated by students and graduates alike.

Our pledge is to keep the education first and foremost making certain all of our graduates are ready to begin working upon graduation. And, we are able to maintain this type of quality education by our consistent availability to students and graduates. We meet all their needs and address all their concerns during the learning process, job process, and any time they need advice during their career. We are also different in that we offer an unlimited completion time initial one year completion with a month-to-month extension if needed. (click here for further information.) This means you can study at your own pace and work your studies around your own schedule. There are no extra components, advanced levels, modules, reference books, or computer software to purchase. Our students who successfully complete the course and examination may have the opportunity to participate in nationwide job placement testing for at home positions for medical transcription service companies located around the country with a 98% job placement rate to date. So, CAI not only provides quality affordable training, but the required training necessary to begin working at home as a medical transcriptionist upon graduation. We also provide quality assurance with our (7-day money back guarantee/30-day tuition refund policy - click for details.)

At this time, feel free to browse our web site and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

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